Bila mana kau bangun pagi dan kau sedar kau tak tahu hendak buat. Mula terfikir - apa yang aku lakukan sehari harian untuk ke hari esok?

Lupa. Ini bulan berpuasa. Sebelum bulan berpuasa, bila bangun aku mula terfikir - apa hendak di makan dan bagaimana untuk mendapatkannya? Itu, pada aku, kehidupan. Kini masa untuk fikirkannya semula.


Perkara baru yang menjadi kebiasan bagi aku sekarang ialah memcuba, membuat sesuatu yang baru. Langgar semuanya, buat sahaja. Selagi tak cuba kita tak merasa. Selagi masih muda. Selagi masih bertenaga. Selagi masih ada rupa. Selagi masih ada masa. Selagi masih ada uang. Kumpul pengalaman untuk cerita masa tua. Kumpul kesusahan untuk kesenangan masa depan. Senang cerita, orang panggil kerja gila.

zero point zero

Other wants what I have right now. They are envious of me. Staring at me with their shining rounded eyes hoping that we well change place. Well that I imagine or could it be right? It just what I think so they are thinking like that while I envy of them having joy with friends and spending what ever that they could have.

Ahhhhhh.....sweet sweet life of penniless and plenty of free time. Most of it I use for staying home and leisurely reading. Nothing to be worry as if you don't desire anything.

Our Brain Is Not Grey

My mind constantly keeping their tenacious job of thinking by analyzing a situation of some-one and put me in that kind of situation for me to see-from a third person view of myself-my own reaction and judgement upon that situation which is I don't know why I'm doing this to myself.

I can control my mind but yet I let it slip torturing my own self on various situation, to see how I going to go through that process. After  that I will make a hypothesis, make a research of why I'm making that decision and what cause of it. What influence me to take action? Is it from natural reaction of decision thinking from my mind? Or by deducting it from others experiences? Is it really my brain work or my intuition?

When I reach this paragraph I'm seeing myself looking at back of me-standing, with style and my hand rubbing my imaginary beard that I want-who is sitting on a chair in-front  of a laptop typing this word which is very absurd, don't you think?

So, is this word that I type right now is really want I'm thinking or is it what my mind want it to be happen like this so it can be happening right now?

Paradox? Fuck it. To the Thinking Pod-which is a cool name for a bed, aite?

I Realised Now That Part Of Me Failed As A Big Brother When

My sister asking me

"Is Skillrex coming here soon?"